Strong™ Double Filter Half Face Mask Reusable Respirator

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Strong™ Double Filter Half Face Mask Reusable Respirator – ST-M60X-1B

Model: ST-M60X-1B
Materials: Rubber
Color: Classic Grey
Standard: GB2890-2009
Field of use: Suitable for working environment with harmful gases such as painting, coating, chemical treatment, welding, scientific research, metallurgy, fire fighting, pesticide spraying, etc.
M60 Reusable Dust&Gas Half Respirator: 1. The half-cover design provides a wide field of view and is compatible with welding and sanding shields.
Ideal for people who wear glasses cover is compatible with all other protective equipment such as eyewear, ear muffs or head protection products.
2. Suitable for ladies and gentlemen for protection during painting and painting work with brush, paint roller and paint gun, paint and paint spraying, and machine sanding airbrush, graffiti, and more.
Breathe with ease: Many of your hobbies and home improvement projects seem innocuous but actually pose a serious risk to your health with harmful vapors and particulates. Our deluxe respirator mask with filters acts as a barrier to sawdust, chemical mists and gaseous vapors. With its dual-filtration system and high-efficiency 90 grade filters, it screens out more volatile substances and enhances air circulation. A quick-release headband system makes it easy to remove our painting mask to take calls or lunch breaks. It is safe and helps filtering particle in use.
Professional-grade protection: This high-quality reusable respirator offers all the protective elements of a painting mask, woodworking, sanding mask, welding respirator, sandblasting, varnish and pollen mask. There is no need to invest money in an array of separate respirator face masks for painting, polishing, landscaping and construction work. With 7 disposable filters to get you started, you can mark off many tasks from your to-do list when you receive our respirator mask. Filters can be changed-out in just seconds in the easy-access filter compartment. Use when working with Drywall, concrete, glass, wood, vapor, paint supplies, airbrush, light and medium tools, fumes, pollution and cement equipment. Great tool for men and women in industrial use by sander.
Comfort is critical: Soft, flexible rubber is smooth and non-irritating to your skin, even as it seals-out greater amounts of particulates.
With our gentle elastic head harness that is fully adjustable, it provides a tailored and reliable fit that allows you to work
longer with fewer interruptions. Your projects remain on-schedule so you can meet or beat important deadlines and impress family or customers. Respirators are help breath

Strong™ Double Filter Half Face Mask Reusable Respirator – ST-M60X-3A

Model: M60X-3A
Material: Rubber
Color: Grey
Standard: GB2626-2019
Field of use: Suitable for working environment with protect against non-oily particles or oily particles.Such as construction, mining, foundry, pharmaceutical, virus, smog etc.
Respirator gas mask Non-oily particulate matter multifunction welding mask dust smoke PM2.5 Filter mask
Item Feature: * Protection level , filtration efficiency ≥99%
* Protection range Protects non-oily particulate contaminants (including dust, smoke, mist ) above 0.075 microns
* Selection recommendation: Suitable for smog, flour processing plants, mining plants (mineral processing dust), cotton processing, metal casting, dust particles generated in automobile exhaust.
Advantages: * Suction valve bayonet design, installation qucik and easy.
* The large diameter breathing valve disc can reduce the breath resistance and reduce the feeling of stuffy.
* Installation and removal are simple and fast.

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