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Emergency Safety Showers & Eye Wash Stations “The Ultimate in Initial First Aid Treatment for chemical and burn injuries”

Whether you manufacture, handle or store chemicals it is essential to have the right safety equipment available. Safety Systems can ensure that your workplace is prepared to deal with the unexpected in these situations.

Laksafety Products Provide Showers and Eye Washes are made of high quality stainless steel and durable plastic materials for long and dependable life. With our wide range of safety showers, and eye/face wash, portable and combination units, Pratt can provide you with strong and reliable equipment for any workplace requirement. You have peace-of-mind knowing that you’re providing your employees with the best defense in injury management.

Features Include:

Comprehensive model range
To suit wide variety of applications.

Structural components made of 304 stainless steel
For strength and durability.

316 stainless steel stay-open valves
For dependable operation and performance.

Shower head made of ABS plastic or optional 316 stainless steel
With a unique conical action water pattern to gently deliver large volumes of water ensuring complete decontamination without injury to skin.

New shower flow control regulator
Limiting shower output to 90 LPM.

AES yellow plastic Eye-Face Wash
With triple aerated nozzle outlets including unique self-closing dust cover to keep dust off nozzles.

AES yellow plastic Eye Wash
With single aerated or non-aerated nozzle outlet and dust cover.

Interchangeable nozzles
For up grading from an eye wash to an eye-face wash.

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Portable Eye Wash Units Wall Mounted Eyewash Station Laboratory Eye Wash Units

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