VDE Tools

VDE Tools Suppliers in Sri Lanka, Electrical Insulated Tools, Combination Pliers, Screwdriver, Cutting Pliers, Torx Ratchet Wrench, Hex key, Tweezer, Open end Wrench, Ring Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Dr. Socket, T-type Wrench, Cable cutter, Scissors, Insulating Tape

What does VDE mean?

VDE is a standard to ensure screwdrivers and other hand tools are safe to use when working with electricity. VDE takes its acronym from the German company Verband der Elektrotechnik, who are responsible for testing and certifying tools and appliances.

VDE has become the recognized standard within the building trade throughout Europe. Seeing the VDE trademark on a pair of pliers or a screwdriver gives the user the assurance that it’s safe to use with electricity. Wherever you see the VDE mark you will often find a voltage limit, this indicates what voltage levels the tool is safe to work with.   Not just any tool can bear the VDE certification mark. All VDE rated tools are put through very rigorous testing to ensure the quality, construction, safety and even the ergonomics meet with the protective requirements of the applicable EC Directive.
VDE Combination Pliers VDE Long Nose Pliers VDE Diagonal Cutting Pliers
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