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LAKSAFETY Face Protection Equipment

LAKSAFETY Dielectric Slotted Visor Bracket
* Designed to be used together with visor. Fits most helmet.
LAKSAFETY ABS Face Shield Bracket
* Made with ABS, grooved frame with spring coil, easy to install on helmet.
LAKSAFETY Headgear For Visor
* Designed to be used together with visor. Push-lock adjustment brow-guard.
7-Position Harness Strap and 3-Position Crown Angle Adjustment.
LAKSAFETY High Impact Bullet Shape Poly-carbonate Visor
* Made with premium quality poly-carbonate material.
* Offers exceptional impact & splash protection and excellent vision.
* Fits with most brow-guard.

LAKSAFETY Heat Resistance Hoods

LAKSAFETY Kevlar Knitted Hood
* Idea for use in moderately high-heat environments.
* Provides more flexibility and visibility than aluminized Hoods.
* Made with 6 oz . Kevlar which provides excellent heat and flame resistance,
as well as high durability.
* Features a double-layer hood with a single – layer bib.
LAKSAFETY Aluminized Hood
* Provide maximum heat and molten splash protection for those in the
metals industries.
* The outer layer of aluminium adds radiant heat protection of up to 1600°C.

LAKSAFETY Welding Shields

LAKSAFETY Welding Helmet
* Lightweight and comes with ratchet adjustable headgear to fit various head sizes.
* Versatile and comfortable to wear.
* Provides extra coverage from radiation and weld spatter.
* Offer superior welding fume deflection.
* Comes with Shade 10 lens.
LAKSAFETY Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
* Filter dimension – 110x90x8.5mm (4.33×3.54×0.31inch).
* View size – 92x42mm
* Shade variable – DIN4/9-13 (External variable).
* Complies with CE EN175F & EN379 & EN166.
LAKSAFETY Welding Hand Shield
* Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
* Provides extra coverage from radiation and weld spatter
* Comes with Shade 10 lens.

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