5 Finger Wrist Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Gloves

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5 Finger Wrist Stainless Steel Ring Cut Resistant Gloves Textile Strap – S1035

Textile type: Five finger textile strap short gloves

Five finger textile mesh gloves have passed the European Union’ s CE safe authentication, the short-sleeve five finger textile cuff gloves feature palm protection. They come with a metal buckle that can be adjusted according to the wearer’ s needs. Short-sleeve five finger textile cuff gloves can be worn on both the left and right hand.
stainless steel gloves offer the ultimate in cut protection. mesh gloves are made of corrosion resistant, stainless steel rings that are individually welded for maximum strength, flexibility and durability. Metal mesh gloves are hygienic and easily sanitized-our rings resist processing fats and oils and clean up simply with hot water and soap. Our gloves are widely used for meat processing, clothing cutting, leather processing

CE Certified.
Made with AISI Type 304L Stainless Steel with high performance of rust resistance and corrosion resistance.
Reversible for left or right hand.
Strong inforced welding between fingers.
Offer ultimate protection with 200N tensile force.
Stainless steel hook strap enable easy to wear, clean and will not harbor bacteria.
Come with glove tightener which able to improve the fit and can balance out possible hand-size variations.
Able to contact food directly (FDA approved).


Fish and shellfish processing
Poultry processing
Food processing
Large-scale public canteens
Plastic and leather processing
Textile, tailoring and paper industry
Wood and glass processing
Laboratory containment
Security, police and public security

Cut Resistant Stainless Steel Wire Gloves – S1034

1) Material – High Quality 316L Stainless Steel
2) Accessories – Colorful Removable Button Belt
3) Color of Buckle – Blue,Red,Yellow
4) Gauge – 07 Gauge
5) Distinguish – No Distinguish Left and Right Hand
6) Grade – EN407 4
7) Heat Resistant – Food Grade
8) Performance – EN388-ISO Cut Level:F ANSI-105 Cut Level:A9
8) Features – High Cut Resistant, Anti-slip, Abrasion Resistant, Tear Resistant, No Scratch for hands, Food Safety, Washable, Adjustable Wrist

Food Processing, Meat Processing, Sheet Metal Industry, Slaughterhouse, General Workplace, Mechanic Industry, Kitchen, Automobile Industry Etc.

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